More than anything, Rose Water Apparel is a brand that expresses itself through numerous outlets. Rose Water distributes its ideals through two major elements presented in the name. The Rose is a symbolization of progression. Just as a seed grows over time and reaches its full potential, we are constantly growing and moving forward. The Water embodies a conscious lifestyle. The same way a rose cannot grow without water, we as humans cannot grow to our full potential without living consciously and knowing what’s going on around us. These concepts are represented in everything that we do, including our clothing. We put this emphasis on ideals because we want the apparel to represent something influential. Through the lines of color and generations, we want to create a sense of community that defies distance and time. We want to change the manners of our culture in the only way we know how, through Rose Water. This is an exemplification of vision, sound, and lifestyle that will bring the youth to affiliate with something profound.



Designed in San Francisco


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